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September 30, 2010

WildTangent- A simple way to connect to thousands of online and pc games

WildTangent has continued their commitment to privacy and security by earning the Compatible with Windows 7 Logo. WildTangent Games is an aggregator of great games across the internet. With over 1300 games and 10 million new users per month, WildTangent is quickly growing in popularity.


WildTangent offers a few ways to enjoy your game:

  • Free Trial (with advertising)
  • Wildcoins to rent games
  • Purchase the full game

The application itself gives an easy way to discover games in their enthusiast, casual, and family channels. They also have other popular channels so you can find the right game for you. I’ve played Plants vs. Zombies on my home pc, but playing it at work was too much to resist! It was a quick one click install and I was ready to play!


Overall, WildTangent gives you an easy way to get all your favorite online and PC games.