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October 5, 2010

Loilo Touch

Loilo Touch is a new video-editing application from Loilo that leverages Windows Touch. Loilo has also gone the extra mile to earn the Compatible with Windows 7 logo. I actually hadn’t considered using touch to edit videos before, but I have to admit it’s pretty fun.

loilo touch1

Loilo has tons of effects. You can adjust the brightness, change color, clip, blur, glow, or add a mosaic. For those, who want to get more creative you can even experiment with a negative effect to replicate the look of a film negative. My favorite feature is Deco-Pen, which lets you jot down a note in the video. When you play the video it actually shows your note being written just as you wrote it.

loilo touch2

Loilo Touch offers a free trial, so that is a great way to try it and decide for yourself.