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October 7, 2010

Windows MultiPoint Server and LG’s Network Monitor

Last week, LG and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership on the development and marketing for LG’s Network Monitor.


When paired with Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, LG’s Network Monitor can provide schools the ability to experience a high quality multi-user computing solution that’s easy to set up, manage and use. Up to 10 LG Network Monitors can connect directly to the host computer running Windows MultiPoint Server 2010.  


LG joins the list of partners (such as HP) that support Windows MultiPoint Server with the strong message that Windows MultiPoint Server is a great product for helping schools increase computing access to more students for a lower cost. Through Windows MultiPoint Server, students can get experience with the latest Windows technology that will help prepare them for the workforce. With LG’s Network Monitors, teachers and students will experience high quality graphics through LG’s video card solution for Windows MultiPoint Server.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 was launched in March (see my blog post announcing Windows MultiPoint Server) for use in classrooms, labs and libraries. It enables multiple students to simultaneously access a single PC, while experiencing their own independent computing session. This allows schools to provide more computing access to more students, even with today’s tight technology budgets.  It was also designed with teachers in mind, to be easy for them to perform tasks such as adding and deleting student user accounts, connecting and disconnecting accounts, sharing assignments and files with students, and more. Students have found Windows MultiPoint Server to be a great way to collaborate with each other on school projects and experience Windows 7 and power it brings to help them learn. The Alvarado School District in Texas has deployed Windows MultiPoint Server for use in their schools, check out this video discussing their deployment. And click here for an online demo of Windows MultiPoint Server.

With Windows MultiPoint Server and LG’s Network Monitors, LG says that customers can reduce hardware costs by 50% or more and can cut electricity use by 80%. These are real savings for schools that are seeing their overall budgets – not to mention tech budgets – dramatically cut in these tough economic times.