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October 10, 2010

ItzaBitza: Learning with Windows Touch

ItzaBitza is a fun educational game for kids using Windows Touch. After just a few minutes playing the game, it’s clear why it is a hit with parents. The game encourages young children to read and create their own world.


When you start the game, you are introduced to the Sketchies. Your child will select a Sketchy to help during the game. The Sketchy will make requests prompting you to draw objects. The fascinating part is that the objects your draw will stay in the game. The Sketchy will interact with everything you draw- a house, a tree, a sun, a raincloud, a letter, a glass of water… the possibilities seem endless.


The game does not only encourage creativity but helps your child learn to read by sounding at words for the child. The child simply needs to hover over the word with their finger or mouse.

And no worries… if your hardware isn’t enabled for touch, you can still use a mouse to play the game.

You can try the free trial to check it out yourself.