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October 14, 2010

Club Coee on Windows

I received a recommendation to check out Club Cooee. It takes the internet chat room to the next level in 3D rooms. You can run Club Cooee like a regular application or keep it always on top so you can do other tasks and see friends chatting in rooms at the same time.


You may also customize your room to your own taste and liking. Options include changing furniture, adding items or even adding your favorite videos, pictures, and music to play in the background. You can actually customize everything in the application, but it will require Cooee Points or Cooee Cash. Verifying your email allows you to earn $300, which covered everything I wanted to customize.

You may also invite other users to your room and entertain them with music, videos, or games. Club Cooee promotes the fact your own creativity is a top priority so you create the situations.

They have many different rooms to explore for different interests. You aren’t just limited to your friends on Cooee but can also connect with your friends on Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, and other instant messaging applications.

I have to admit, I definitely don’t chat much so this isn’t personally for me. The activity choices were overwhelming- dance with friends, play games, watch music videos, and much more. However, if you enjoy chatting and making new friends over the internet- give it a try.