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October 14, 2010

CyberLink YouMemo with Windows Touch

Do you have a family bulletin board? Leave notes on the refrigerator with to-do’s and reminders? CyberLink YouMemo lets you move all that on to your PC with a digitized pin board optimized for Windows Touch.


YouMemo supports multi-touch allowing you to easily resize, rotate, or simply organize notes on your bulletin board. To create a note, simply tap on “Write a Memo” then flick to your preferred notepaper. YouMemo offers 27 different colored textures, 4 writing tools, and 11 different pen colors to choose from. There is also a library of 13 stamps for additional customization.


For important notes, like taking out the trash, you can set a reminder.


CyberLink YouMemo is a great touch experience. Note that if you want to use your keyboard, you need to click on the text tab before it will let you type. This application is a great compromise for the family member who likes to jot down notes and to-do’s and the person who doesn’t want the clutter or wasting paper. This app is another great reason for the kitchen PC on my holiday wish list.