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October 26, 2010

October roundup: Netbooks

For this month’s roundup, Ryan and I wanted to share some of our favorite netbooks. Unlike the “original” crop of netbooks that were small, underpowered, and cramped to type on, today’s netbooks are bigger, faster, and more beautiful – and run any version of Windows 7 like a dream. Some even have full HD displays for movie-quality video playback, and others you can get with multi-touch displays and all-day battery life. We put the spotlight on the Gateway LT21, Toshiba NB205, Asus eeePC Karim Rashid Edition, Dell Mini 10 with OPI color, Sony VAIO W, HP Mini 311, and the multi-touch, convertible Lenovo S10-3t. Check it out:

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For me personally, I’m a big fan of what I call “HD Netbooks” – slightly larger netbooks with 1366 x 768 screens like the HP Mini 311 and Sony VAIO W that we covered today, and the ASUS eeePC 1215n, which I just got in to my inventory. The tighter resolution makes it feel more like a “regular” laptop to me while still giving me the small size, low weight, and great battery life of a netbook.

Do you have a netbook? Which one did you choose, and why?

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