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November 1, 2010

Concerts, a road trip, Windows Phones on November 8!

November 8th is fast approaching and to kick off on the celebration Microsoft and AT&T are giving thousands of music fans the chance to see free concerts from Katy Perry in New York City and Maroon 5 in San Francisco. Fans will need to visit select AT&T retail locations in New York and San Francisco for the chance to attend the exclusive concert. Stay tuned for more info and full details by visiting the Windows Phone facebook page.

Also marking Windows Phone 7 availability in the U.S., Rob Dyrdek and Minka Kelly will race across the country on the Really Rally Road Trip, challenging people to change their relationship with the mobile phone. This one day journey will start the morning of November 8th in New York City and cross the country to see if better phone design can help curb bad phone behavior, ultimately ending up in San Francisco at the Maroon 5 concert that night. Follow the Windows Phone facebook page, twitter account and for sure follow Rob to get the real time commentary.

Everyone out there can help call out bad phone behavior with Rob and Minka as well. Windows Phone recently began running a promotion on facebook encouraging people to submit their “really moments” for a chance to win a Windows Phone 7 handset. Again, hit the Windows Phone facebook page.

One more week to go!