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November 8, 2010

Welcome to the Extreme Windows Blog

Today we are launching a new blog called Extreme Windows. As you know (or don’t know) The Windows Blog is a network or family of blogs that together tell the company’s Windows story across different audiences spanning Windows, Windows Live, Internet Explorer and Windows Phone. Each individual blog has a distinct purpose and caters to a specific audience. For example the Windows Experience Blog focuses on the consumer audience – or the average PC user. Our goal for this blog, will cater to more advanced PC users – “power users” or what we call “enthusiasts”.

What exactly is an enthusiast you might ask? For Extreme Windows – we are defining enthusiast as someone with the following characteristics:

  • Passion for Technology – Someone who (IS) excited for technology and is always interested in learning more about and using the latest technology.
  • Understands the value of technology – Someone who is willing to spend what it takes to get top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, and bleeding-edge technology.
  • Is a source of knowledge for others – Someone whose family, friends, co-workers and others rely on for great technology advice.

Essentially, an enthusiast is someone who does advanced or “extreme” things with their PCs and Windows – hence the name for this blog being Extreme Windows. By extreme we don’t necessarily mean taking a PC and trying to get it to utilize geothermal energy instead of the conventional power supply. Or do we? But seriously – you can expect to see blog posts on topics ranging from upgrading a PC’s graphics card or memory to getting the most out of Windows Media Center as a DVR to geeked out Windows tips and tricks. We’ll also be talking about really cool hardware and software products from our partners that can enable some impressive scenarios (at least we think they are super cool). The idea is that this blog will be an outlet for us to talk to the technology geeks who love doing crazy things with Windows and their PC. And posts won’t just come from me either. You can expect a variety of folks to take part in blogging here including my friends from the Windows PC Ecosystem Team who will introduce “extreme” scenarios available from the hardwaresoftware ecosystem. We’ll also be showcasing community members and MVPs who are doing interesting things with their PCs and Windows as well.

So welcome to Extreme Windows and look for us to kick things off shortly!