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November 17, 2010

Windows Phone Radio Episode Eight is Live

Windows Phone Radio number eight is live and direct, ready for your downloading pleasure in the Zune Marketplace, RSS and direct download from here. It was a busy week and it was great to get back in the studio with Matt to chat about all the cool Windows Phone updates, biggest of course being – phones for sale here in the U.S.!

The Windows Phone team also had the opportunity to travel south to San Francisco for the latest GDGT event. It was a great opportunity to meet many of you, talk about Windows Phone and throw back a few tacos thanks to Peter, Ryan and the GDGT gang. Check out below for some shots of the evening.

During the podcast this week I grabbed our handy Kodak Zi-8 camera and had Matt give us a tour of his phone and the apps he is most jazzed about right now. What apps are you most into? If you don’ have a Windows Phone yet, or even if you do, check out the post from Michael on Bing visual search for the Windows Phone Marketplace and post a comment below with your favorite app.

Brian (@brianseitz)



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