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November 29, 2010

Tips for Purchasing a New Family PC

Are you shopping this holiday season for a new PC for your family but unsure what to buy, or need advice on the most critical things to consider in your next notebook or desktop? Take a look at the video we shot this month at the Best Buy store in Bellevue, WA. I interviewed our very own Ben The PC Guy to get his tips on what’s hot in retail now. Whether you’re buying an AIO (all in one) PC, a rugged notebook for your peanut butter-fingered child (something I’m carefully considering), a powerful gaming laptop or just a good portable notebook, you’ll get great tips on how to match the perfect PC to your family and make a purchase everyone will love.

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Follow Ben (@BenThePCGuy) and me (@WinMommyLisa) on Twitter and feel free to ping us with additional questions.