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December 9, 2010

What’s in a Photo?

It’s the holidays, everyone is busy shopping, and TV commercials and ads are a seemingly endless parade of cheery faces and Holiday wishes. But have you ever stopped to think – when are all of those pictures (or TV ads) actually created? The answer is, almost certainly, in the dog days of summer, and our Holiday Photos on the Fly photo shoot was no exception.

For Holiday Photos on the Fly, we wanted the creative to capture the fun spirit of the program, the Holidays and Windows, and also hoped to capture Southwest Airlines’ unique, playful corporate culture and penchant for surprising their passengers in unexpected ways.

And we needed a plane.

In early September, we managed to secure a date with a 737 at Southwest’s headquarters at Love Field in Dallas, Texas. We needed Santas to represent all 28 program locations (26 airports plus Bryant and Skyline Parks), and Southwest graciously recruited volunteers from among their employees. With lots of Chick-Fil-A sandwiches on hand, we braved 95-degree late-summer temperatures to get the perfect shots below.

Microsoft/Southwest Airlines

 Microsoft/Southwest Airlines

As you can see, the results are outstanding. We’ve used the pictures captured that day in the “holiday gift guide” passengers receive when they check in, our blog posts and our social media outreach. Of course, there were plenty of “behind the scenes” shots too. Here are a few:


 _RCC9357 _RCC9330

We hope you enjoy Holiday Photos on the Fly. From all of us in Windows, happy landings!