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March 7, 2011

Sony Unveils its new premium VAIO S Series laptops

Sony lifted the curtain on a pretty sweet new laptop, the high-end VAIO S Series. The new 13.3” PCs boast some pretty impressive specs, like new “Sandybridge” i5 and i7 processors, solid state drives, backlit keyboards, Blu-Ray and hybrid AMD Radeon HD 6630 graphics that auto-switch between discrete and integrated GPUs. They also feature Intel Wireless Display 2.0 (i.e., “WiDi), which is the newer, faster, smoother version of WiDi 1.0, which I shot a video on last year.

Sony VAIO S_White_backright

As always, Sony built a really beautiful PC. The new S is available in black or white and is built from magnesium and aluminum (read: seriously lightweight and durable). I have the mid-range S that appeared a few weeks ago and I’ve been really impressed with the build quality; it feels good to hold, comfortable to work on, and has a battery that gets about 6 7.5 hours of life. The new higher-end VAIO S has an optional “Sheet battery” that can push that to an all-day-computing 15 hours.

The best part about these new PCs? They start at $970! That’s a bargain for a high-end laptop. Check them out at