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March 17, 2011

Windows 7 themes: Escape to the seaside

Some days, all I want is to sail away… or to lie on a beach somewhere, hearing the pounding surf, while I drowse over a book. My two newest themes are for all of you who need a virtual vacation. My hope is they’ll bring you a little bit of seaside relaxation, without requiring you to actually get on a plane.

The surfing theme puts you right in the tubes, hearing the roar of the waves and seeing the sun sparkling through the water.


The sailing theme puts you on deck for a virtual voyage from Boracay in the South Pacific to Bar Harbor, Maine, with stopovers in ports of call such as Antigua, Sardinia, and the Maldives.


As I was working on finding images for these two themes, it occurred to me that something essential was missing: Sounds! So these two themes are a bit different than others we’ve released. Seagulls, splashes, waves, and water-drops – even a distant foghorn – now signal key events in Windows, from the arrival of a new email to the emptying of the Recycle Bin.

I hope these two themes will bring some of the peace and beauty of a seaside vacation to your desktop. And as always, keep checking back for new Windows 7 themes – I add more almost every week.