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April 25, 2011

Being productive at work with Windows 7

According to the Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey for Q1 2011 from Forrester Research Inc., March 2011, “overall, 13% of employees who use a laptop at the office report that they chose their own “work” laptop and paid for all of it themselves.” That means their PC needs to work great at home and at work. And according to IDC’s Worldwide Windows Client Operating Environment 2011 – 2015 Forecast: Maturity with Renewed Potential for Disruption report, 9 out of every 10 newly acquired PCs are running Windows. We’ve talked a lot about features in Windows 7 that allow you to do more with your PC at home. However, there are specific features in Windows 7 designed to make you more productive at work. Out of those features, we’ve picked 5 of the lesser known ones and turned them into super fun videos with Channel 9’s Laura Foy. Trust me, watching these videos are better than reading a blog post from me rattling off about what they are and what they do. So give the videos below a watch!

Win + P:

Snipping Tool:

Location-aware Printing:

Windows XP Mode:

Problem Steps Recorder:

What other Windows 7 features help make you productive at work?