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April 26, 2011

My Experiences with UCrew – Golnaz Alibeigi


Golnaz Alibeigi is a graduating senior at the University of California Irvine studying Film and Media Studies. She has been a member of Windows UCrew for 2 years and feels that it is one of the greatest opportunities she has ever had. Her job is to teach and inform her peers about the benefits of Windows 7. If you run into her in the street, feel free to call her by one of her many nicknames G-naz, Nazzy Naz and DJ NAZ NAZ.

Golnaz Alibeigi is a participant in Microsoft’s UCrew program, and receives Microsoft software, hardware, and financial compensation as part of her participation in the program.

Hi Blog World! My name is Golnaz and I am a graduating senior at UC Irvine studying film. I am also a Windows UCrew Representative. Basically my job entails expanding student awareness about Windows 7. I teach my fellow peers how to stay connected with the world through Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail, while staying creative and finishing school projects with PowerPoint and Word. I love my job! And it has great perks! I am one of 400 Reps nationwide. But another amazing and hilarious rep named Janelle and I have been chosen within our Windows UCrew program to show Microsoft Leaders how we use our Windows 7 PC’s and how we teach our peers.

This last weekend, Janelle and I attended a Microsoft conference and it was amazing. We took the stage for 7 minutes and demonstrated our favorite features, showing everyone projects we are working on and how we like to stay connected with friends and family. I focused on discussing the creative aspects of Windows Live with Movie Maker and Photo Gallery (which are part of Windows Live Essentials as a free download) since most of my college projects are creatively driven. One short film that I discussed in my presentation was “My Persian Family.” A project I created for my production class. It’s a short 6 minute documentary about my family and how they immigrated to America and their feelings towards being Iranian in America. I was able to make this film with my HD video camera and my Windows 7 PC. With Windows Live Movie Maker I was able to export my film to YouTube within minutes allowing my family from all over America as well as my family in Iran to see it with the click of a button.

I have learned a great deal from visiting Microsoft and being given the chance to speak in front of so many amazing and important people. There are countless opportunities in a technology company and I learned that a woman of minority straight from college has a voice to be heard. I would like to thank all who have taken their time to listen to what I have say, and I would like to thank Microsoft for introducing me to all the inspiring people I have met so far.