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May 4, 2011

Introducing the Windows Experts Community!

One thing I love about Windows is that there is such a strong base of super knowledgeable enthusiasts doing cool, fun things with the platform. Whether it’s building high powered gaming rigs with modified cases, tiny home theater PC’s or customizing the Windows experience to make it do exactly what you want it with software or settings, it seems there is an expert for every scenario. When those experts share that knowledge it strengthens the community, benefits enthusiasts everywhere and inspires others to join in and collaborate.

A new site called The Windows Experts Community will be the place to find and collaborate with those knowledgeable experts. If you are a Windows Media Center enthusiast you’re probably familiar with a similar site called The Green Button that focused on Windows Media Center. has been a great example of just that type of interaction I love to see with so many smart people collaborating to extend and personalize the Windows Media Center experience. But we wanted to expand those great conversations, collaboration and sharing of knowledge to all topics related to Windows and Windows Live. The Windows Experts Community will incorporate the users and discussions from TGB as its base but will take the dialogue way beyond Windows Media Center.

At its heart, the Windows Experts Community is a collection of online forums geared for advanced users, enthusiasts, experts and so on – those that are doing fantastic and amazing things with their Windows PCs and other ecosystem devices. We’re also rolling out a community-driven wiki where members can create and edit articles and explainers on how they’ve set-up their PCs, created scenarios, or established their own best practices. There is a great Wiki on Technet for IT Pro and Enterprise related wisdom but why should they have all the fun? Some of us run our home like an IT shop but with HomeGroup and Windows Home Server instead!

So come join other enthusiasts in the Windows Experts Community, show them what you’ve got and share your knowledge, stories, tips and tricks about taking Windows further. Post a picture of your best gaming rig build or your parts list for your totally fanless water cooled system. Sure, Microsoft makes Windows but we love to see the ways our enthusiasts take it places we never imagined.