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May 9, 2011

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad T420s boots in under 10 seconds

So, remember that video I shot with Lenovo at CES 2011? The one where their new Enhanced Experience 2.0 laptop crushed my fully-loaded ThinkPad T410 to dust in their fast boot challenge?   Well today, Lenovo announced that one of those crazy-fast new PCs – the new Lenovo ThinkPad t420s, will go on sale starting May 3rd.   The Lenovo t420s is part of Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 “RapidBoot Extreme” lineup, which means that it’s optimized to boot in 10 seconds or less.  Yes, you read that right – a sub-10 second cold boot.

I’ve seen the EE2.0 PCs in action and I can tell you first hand that it’s legit.  If you want to see it for yourself, check out the head-to-head boot-off that I did with Lenovo in January…and watch a new EE2.0 PC kick my tail!

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