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May 16, 2011

Collaborating with all the Crew at UC Irvine


Golnaz Alibeigi is a graduating senior at the University of California Irvine studying Film and Media Studies. She has been a member of Windows UCrew for 2 years and feels that it is one of the greatest opportunities she has ever had. Her job is to teach and inform her peers about the benefits of Windows 7. If you run into her in the street, feel free to call her by one of her many nicknames G-naz, Nazzy Naz and DJ NAZ NAZ.

Golnaz Alibeigi is a participant in Microsoft’s UCrew program, and receives Microsoft software, hardware, and financial compensation as part of her participation in the program.

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With the school year winding down and the knowledge that I’ll graduate college in less than a month, I decided that Windows and I should go out with a bang. I have been a Windows UCrew Representative on my college campus (University of California Irvine) for 2 years now. The program exploded with popularity throughout the years with the help of the college campus Windows U tour. I was able to assist in the tour at UC Irvine and the Texas A&M campuses. People seem to be more interested in learning about PCs when there are PCs to look at and experience, I learned during that experience. It is a lot more appealing and approachable, than when I walk up to students with my Asus U36J. Thus, I decided to contact the Microsoft Student Partner, Alex Chung, and the 3 other UC Irvine Windows UCrew Representatives about having a mini-tour experience on campus.

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Together we partnered with the Information and Computer Sciences Organization to host a complete Microsoft booth in the student quad. It made perfect sense. We had a club, whose sole purpose is to promote technology within the campus, sponsor the booth, where we showed off great PCs and gave out prizes.

The Windows UCrew reps job is to promote Windows products while the Microsoft Student Partners promotes the entire ecosystem of innovative hardware created by Microsoft. It was a great collaborative team. Alex Chung had a whole bunch of Xbox 360 games to raffle off (he gave me a copy of Halo Reach which was awesome!) while the Windows UCrew Reps had free gym bags to give to students as well as information on Windows 7.

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We had 3 different laptops set up at the booth. Alex brought his Alienware, I brought my ASUS U36J, and the other reps (Charlene Poderoso, Barbara Ly, and Patrick Do) had their Sony Vaios to show off. The range of computers was a perfect mix for students on campus. The Alienware computer showed a great gaming system that is perfect for those who want speed, superior graphics and advanced functionality. The ASUS U36J is a popular student computer as it’s both sleek and ultraportable. Finally, the Sony VAIOs allow for true personalization in its statement making colors. The booth definitely reminded me of the campus tour just in a miniature size. The event was a success with hundreds of trials done, and we all looked pretty cool doing it.

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