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May 24, 2011

Dell’s XPS 15z is the world’s thinnest 15” PC

Dell just announced the brand-new XPS 15z.  It’s the thinnest 15” PC in the world.  Ever. 


Even though its crazy thin (under 25mm), the XPS 15z is a powerhouse; you can get one with up to a second-gen Core i7 processor, a backlit keyboard, high-end NVIDIA GPUs, Intel WiDi 2.0 and a new full HD display that Dell says is up to 50% brighter than standard displays.  And it gets up to 8 hours of battery life.


Dell hooked me up with a preview of the XPS 15z a few days ago, and while I didn’t get a chance to really test performance or battery life, I did get to explore the new design.  It’s an interesting evolution of the chassis that Dell uses on its Inspiron and XPS lines, but it works; the centralized hinge is elegant and smooth, and the profile is beveled in such a way that it appears even thinner than it actually is, which is saying something given that it’s already the thinnest 15” PC on the market!  The entire body is made from brushed aluminum, even the undercarriage, which makes the XPS 15z feel sturdy and solid.  The case is hefty at about 5.5lbs, but it’s well balanced and distributed.


Overall, the XPS 15z is a nice PC that looks great and pushes the boundaries for what we thought was possible design-wise for a laptop of this size. You can get yours starting today from