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June 14, 2011

4 Ways to Stay in Touch on Summer Break

Are you headed to the beach this summer, on vacation or just working flat out to pay for college? If so, staying in touch with your friends probably seems complicated. While you can use Facebook for sharing information, there are lot of things you might not want your mom, your grandma or the girl you babysat for in sixth grade to know all the details about. If that’s the case, consider these 4 ways to stay in touch on summer break.

1.) Chat Face to Face: Want to chat face to face but your best friend is 300 miles away? Then consider using Windows Live Messenger as a free way to video chat with your friends and family. Not to mention, you can run Facebook while you’re chatting, which is pretty sweet.

2.) Show Off: Looking for a way to prove your beach locale is better than theirs? With the panorama photo feature in Photo Gallery, you can stand in one spot, turn around 360 degrees taking photos and then stitch them all together. In the end, you can get sexy shots of great locations.

Photo courtesy of Alex Cutting

3.) Type from the beach, the park, or the lifeguard booth: Netbooks are great because you can take them anywhere and they are about the size of a clutch, a paperback book or a notepad. Plus, they have a lot of the same great resources as your PC at a pretty affordable price point. Ben the PC Guy recommends the Sony VAIO W in the Imperial Lime Edition, which is epic looking, of great quality and made of recycled cds. Doesn’t that rock? (No pun intended…)



4.) Escape to the woods and make movies: If you are looking to film the next underground horror film but don’t have the money for expensive editing software, you’re in luck. With Windows Live Movie Maker you can make your own movie, insert captions, add audio content and insert still images. When it’s all put together and captions have rolled, no one will know the difference. Plus, you can easily upload to YouTube and send to your friends.

Winking smile

I’ve always wanted to be the girl who gets killed off first in the horror movies; she gets the initial shock factor but no one remembers her name making her a trivia nut’s favorite. A girl needs a fan base. My guess is that @BrandonLeblanc would be the one who unwittingly saves the day. Come on, now, who would you want to be?

Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Kristinalibby to discuss your fav summer horror films!