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July 7, 2011

Windows 7 themes: Birds both Angry and predatory… and lots more

Last week Angry Birds hit the Windows Phone Marketplace, and to celebrate this momentous event we’ve got an Angry Birds Windows 7 theme too, just so your desktop won’t feel left out of the fun. The best thing about it is the hilarious bird-cackling, pig-grunting custom sound-scheme.


In case you prefer your birds less angry and more sleekly powerful, I’m proud to introduce the new Birds of Prey theme, which is a companion to the Beautiful Birds theme I published about a month ago. Falcons, hawks, kestrels, bald eagles, great horned owls, barn owls, snowy owls, and more bring their stern magnificence to this big 18-image theme.


But we aren’t done with the game themes yet! Gamers everywhere are anticipating the release of Age of Empires Online in mid-August. While you’re waiting, put yourself in a properly civilization-building, enemy-crushing frame of mind with the 14 wallpapers and the custom sound-scheme in the new Age of Empires Online Windows 7 theme.  I love the audio: firing trebuchets, flying arrows, agitated horses, and other distinctively martial sound effects (and music) signal key Windows events.


In even more theming goodness for gamers, the Mabinogi theme brings the dreamy fantasy artwork of this popular online role-playing game to your desktop.


Kim Hana’s enigmatic paintings feature quirky but wistful characters in a sparely abstract world. This theme, coordinated by my teammate Jisung in Seoul, features seven of the Korean artist’s unique works.


Finally, changing gears with a roar, the new Ducati 2 theme (a sequel to the Ducati theme) contains nine dramatic wallpapers of powerful racetrack action and street style.


I hope these themes will help kick off your July with a fresh new look for your desktop. For more free Windows 7 themes, keep checking back on the Windows Personalization gallery. I add more almost every week.