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July 8, 2011

Enjoying a Wired Windows Summer


As part of an ongoing series of posts by students, we are again hearing from one of the Windows UCrew Members. Golnaz Alibeigi is a graduating senior at the University of California Irvine studying Film and Media Studies. She has been a member of Windows UCrew for 2 years and feels that it is one of the greatest opportunities she has ever had. Her job is to teach and inform her peers about the benefits of Windows 7. If you run into her in the street, feel free to call her by one of her many nicknames G-naz, Nazzy Naz and DJ NAZ NAZ.

Golnaz Alibeigi is a participant in Microsoft’s UCrew program, and receives Microsoft software, hardware, and financial compensation as part of her participation in the program.

Oh Summer! For most college students this is a time to travel somewhere new, a time to get that perfect beach bod, or a time to take advanced summer classes. But this is my first summer as a college graduate and my plans have been shifted. I have the time to work out, but lack the resources (i.e. college loans) to travel anywhere new and summer classes no longer apply to me. Thus, I have dedicated my summer time to research. Now I spend my summer days using my Windows 7 PC to research new bands, artists, festivals, and concerts. I use IE9 and Bing to narrow down my searches. Then, I can watch YouTube and MTV videos on Bing just by hovering over the images with my mouse. This little feature allows me to breeze through 100s of artists with ease.

My taste in music ranges from indie rock to hip hop, and a lot of different styles in between. This range of music tastes, I have developed through all the concerts I’ve attended since middle school. My passion for all the artists has grown even further through festivals like Sasquatch, Coachella, and Lollapalooza. I got the nickname DJ Naz Naz because I have such a wide range of musical tastes. That and I also like to mess around with DJ software called Traktor. It gives me the resources to be as creative as I want.

I use my Asus U36J laptop to research new artists, buy concert tickets, book my accommodations, and upload all the videos and photos I take onto YouTube and Facebook. I also, use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit my pics and videos together, and then share my experiences with my family and friends. I store all my music in Windows Media Player and use my HomeGroup to share it with anyone interested in my house .

My Windows 7 PC is keeping me sane this summer. I can share my music taste with my friends and plan my next concert venture with a simple click of a button. I have already purchased tickets to Outside Lands, a three day festival in San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park. There I will hear music from my favorite artists like Muse, The Shins, Deadmaus, and MGMT. I have attached a YouTube video below showing the last music festival I went to, the infamous Coachella, which was one of the best weekends of my life.

Golnaz Alibeigi creates summer concert video