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July 14, 2011

Meet the GScreen SpaceBook, the world’s first dual 17” HD display laptop

Those of you who know that I’m a vehement defender of the traditional laptop.  Why?  They’re fundamentally functional and comfortable to use. I liken it to the evolution of car design; while they’ve  evolved in shape, technology and aesthetics, they still have the same basic “4 wheels and a steering wheel” design that they did 100 years ago.  Laptops are the same way.  They’ve gotten thinner, lighter and faster, and filled with new tech, but the concept remains basically the same. 

That’s why when I run across something that’s truly groundbreaking, something totally unique and never seen before, I get excited.  Like really, really excited.  And that’s exactly how I felt when I first got to use the GScreenCorp SpaceBook.


The SpaceBook is unlike any laptop before it.  Rather than have a single display, it has two that slide out from the center to create and amazing panorama display.  Both panels are 17” full HD (1920 x 1080) glass, available in either a glossy or matte finish.   It’s a really amazing design that’s really functional; the panels slide open and closed very easily, and with some thoughtful design (the battery is in the front, not the back) the PC is remarkably stable when open.  You’d think that it would tip over due to the weight of the glass, but it doesn’t. Even though the model I saw was a prototype, construction was solid and the PC felt great to use.  I can only assume that the final for-sale model will be even better.


Why build such a beast?  I asked Gordon Stewart, GScreenCorp’s CEO and the father of the SpaceBook, that exact question.  His answer was remarkably simple.  “A few years ago I was working on a film project in Hawai’i and realized that I was going to have to move my entire desktop setup down there from my home in Anchorage to get the computing power and screen real-estate I needed.   That hassle made me realize that I couldn’t be the only one who needed a powerful laptop with massive screen size, so I set out to build one”. 


And so, the SpaceBook was born – a huge, specialized PC that Gordon says the visual arts community (as well as several other specialized industries) are chomping at the bit to get.  Fortunately for them – and you – the wait is over.  Pre-orders for the SpaceBook started last night!  There are two models available; an Intel i5 + 4GB RAM model for $2395 2295 ($300 off the MSRP) and an i7 + 8GB RAM model for 3795 $2595 (also $300 off MSRP).  Get one from the initial run at