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July 18, 2011

Did You Win the Sony VAIO with Up to 15 Hours of Battery Life?

Did You Win the Sony VAIO with Up to 15 Hours of Battery Life?

We asked what you’d do if you had a Sony VAIO SA and could get up to 15 hours of battery life. The responses were impressive. Some people would take the PC to the beach, would others spend all day on campus doing homework and some would just relish in never having to leave the coffee shop they do work in. The most inspiring thing about this new Windows 7 PC is that you can do all those things and more with a light-weight, versatile and hardworking machine.

Bloggers around the country were recently given SONY VAIO SA and SBs and asked for their opinions, ideas and feedback. Here are a few notable comments from their posts:

  • Gear Diary: “I was completely amazed – I got 10.5 hours of battery life and didn’t do anything other than what I would normally do during my day. The Sony S-series performs very well with more conservative settings – I never felt like I was missing out.”
  • College Info Geek: College Info Geek tests the Sony VAIO SA for video usage compared to a Mac book pro. His conclusions can be found in the video.
  • Parents Countdown to College: “Let’s be realistic—college students need a laptop that stays charged and ready. They are on the go between classes, study groups, the library, coffee shops, and their dorm rooms. They travel back and forth between home and college, and even study abroad all around the world. Air travel, train travel and long car trips lend themselves to utilizing the laptop for all sorts of tasks: gaming, reading, studying (I had to add that as wishful thinking) and Skyping with friends and family.”

Take a few moments to check out what they think, review the Sony VAIO site, and then comment with a big note of congratulations to the winner of the SONY VAIO SA contest:

Alexander Monroe of Seattle, WA