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July 18, 2011

Get Your Green PC Questions Answered- Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chats with Windows

Have you ever wondered what the best green PC is or how to recycle an old machine? Have you ever scratched your head trying to determine how much energy your PC, cameras and printers consume? If you have, then this week’s Live Twitter Chat will be the place to get those questions answered. To make sure we are all on the same page, we are defining a “greener” PC as one that is less impactful to the environment – both during use and from manufacturing to disposal. An interesting greener PC is this one made from recycled CDs and DVDs. However, you can be more environmentally friendly without buying a brand new Windows 7 PC and we’ll also be discussing these ideas, tips and tricks.

We have teamed up with Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability Team to ensure that you’ll get all the access you need to greener computing tips and tricks plus advice for buying in the future. For a quick primer on the ideas and topics surrounding greening your PC, check out this article that Mark Aggar of the Microsoft Environment Team wrote a few years ago. The piece explains why it is best to disable screen savers, unplug your PC and properly dispose of old units. Similarly, check back on the Windows Experience Blog regularly this week as @BenthePCGuy and I focus on ways to green your technology and your lifestyle.

To participate in the Live Twitter Chat with Windows and the Microsoft Environment Sustainability Team tomorrow, join us from 12pm -1pm PT (3pm – 4pm ET) and use the hashtag #win7tech. To ensure that your questions have the best chance of being answered, please comment in the comment section below or tweet questions to @Windows, @windowsblog, @Benthepcguy, @Brandonleblanc or @kristinalibby using the hashtag #win7tech. We’ll then line up these questions to be answered first!

Note we will only be talking about the outlined topic each week and we will not be answering questions outside those topics. Questions for this week may include: How do I determine which PCs are greener, where do I buy greener PCs, How can I make my PC greener?