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July 18, 2011

New research shows Windows Phone is connecting with people

We are always checking in with Windows Phone customers to see how satisfied they are after they get their new Windows Phone home and get a chance to use it for a bit. After all, that is what really matters right? How does the phone fit into your life, and how well does it accomplish the things you are asking a smartphone to do? In our surveys, we have found the vast majority of people fall into either the “satisfied” or “very satisfied” camp, something we think is directly attributed to our unique approach to smartphone design which is all about putting people first. We want to make it as easy as possible to connect with the people in your life, and share what is going on you. For a little more insight into that approach, tune in to our Windows Phone Radio 9 interview from November with Albert Shum, head of our design studio. It’s also worth noting this work earned top honors at the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards this year.

Today, we heard similar sentiments, this time from ChangeWave Research which found 57% Windows Phone customers were “very satisfied” with their Windows Phone. You can read some more analysis from Dan Frommer at his new blog SplatF.