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July 26, 2011

3 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

I’m not talking about temperature cool. I’m talking about “it’s always sunny in the land of cool” cool. We are in the dog days of summer and it is super-hot outside. So, you can either get all the fans you can find, lay back on your couch and wait for the fall to come, or you can do one of these cool activities.

1.) Create a movie of a summer concert: UCrew rep and Windows student blogger DJ Naz Naz (as we call her here), spends a lot of her time a summer concerts. Her favorite thing to do is take a cool camera, grab her friends and head out to the show. Why not do the same? Pick your favorite friends, buy tickets and then act like you are amateur filmmakers. Shoot from different angles, bust out a lot of funny glasses and edit it all in Windows Live Movie Maker. Share it with your friends, rinse and repeat.

2.) Help someone out: There are a ton of things you can do this summer to help out people in your neighborhood. Consider donating an old but still functioning computer or get inspired by students who used Windows 7 PCs to help those with autism.

3.) Buy a slick PC: School is starting for some of you and fresh bright PC is a way to stand out. Check out what Ben the PC Guy thinks are the best laptops for students. Some have great battery life, others great sounds systems and best of all they give you a reason to stay out of the heat.

Think this list could get better? Share more ideas for staying cool this summer by commenting or hitting me up on Twitter.