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July 27, 2011

Windows Phone, the deal hunter

Hello everyone. Windows Phone user Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee’s Tips was featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing earlier this year using her HTC HD7 to track coupons during a shopping trip. So, we asked her to share some of her favorite apps, tips and tricks for maximizing money savings with your Windows Phone.

Tips from Tammilee

My coupon journey started a little over two years ago when I found out I was losing my management job of twelve years. I found myself needing to find a way to save money. I had never really paid attention to coupons before this happened. Last year we were able to save over $10,000 with coupons and sales. These savings gave us the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean for three weeks and most recently we spent 10 days cruising in the Baltic Sea. I really wish I would have thought about coupons when I was working.

My coupon journey soon expanded from focusing on our savings to focusing on helping others save with coupons. I started the website TammileeTips so I could help others realize it is possible to save money with coupons and still balance a full life. For me, using my Windows Phone is a way to save time and increase my coupon savings. My Windows Phone has become my link to our followers and other bloggers when I am away from my PC. I am able to check in and see if there are any great deals I need to share with our fans quickly and easily. My husband will tell you that my Windows Phone is never very far from my hand. I love how easy it is to manage multiple email accounts, my calendar, photos, social media and so much more. Here are a few of my favorite things on my phone:


Cellfire App– Many stores now allow you to load coupons directly to your store savings cards. This app allows me to update my savings card with coupons and confirm what coupons are already loaded. E-coupons are a fantastic way to save money without having to clip a coupon. I love that I can quickly look at my account and add any coupons while I am at the store.


Groupon – I am hooked on Groupon! I can’t imagine paying full price any more for date nights. This app gives you the chance to see what deals are available in your city or the area you are in. We have used this while traveling to pick up discount dinners and event tickets. This is a great way to save money on date nights and while traveling.


Built-In Social Networking – The People Hub on my Start Screen gives me easy access to my social media accounts. I am able to update our Tammilee Tips Facebook Page while I am at the store and find a great deal. I love that I can quickly check status updates from my phone.


Amazon Hunter App –This app has saved me a lot of money while I have been out shopping. I can easily check and see if the stores price is anywhere near Amazons price. I am happy to wait a few days for a product to be shipped to me when it saves me a ton of money.

The other thing I love about my Windows Phone is how easy it is to go from email to the internet. Last night we were out and I quickly checked my email. I found an email from a great site offering a product for free with free shipping. I was able to quickly click on the link and purchase the product. I have been able to take advantage of so many deals because of my Windows Phone. In the past I would have to wait until I got home and hope that the deal was still available by the time I got to it.

If you are interested in coupons or finding out more about how we saved $10,000 last year with coupons and sales check out our website Tammilee Tips or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.