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August 15, 2011

#Glamping with a #Luxury PC – The Samsung 900x

Have you ever been on that sort of trip that is so great you rave about it? You tell all your friends, your family or (if you’re me) your blogging community. A few weekends ago, I went glamping with one of the Windows Champions* in Montana. In case you don’t know what glamping is, it’s short for “glamorous camping.” That’s right; it’s the sort of camping where you have a butler, a Jacuzzi bathtub and a down-filled queen size mattress and this is me, raving about it.

If you are inclined to go glamping, there are a few things you should know. First off, there are only a few places in the US to go glamping and the one I went to was called Paws Up in Montana. Secondly, you don’t really need to bring any “camping” clothes although you might get a little bit dirty riding horses, going on cattle drives, or driving around in the golf cart they loan you to get from place to place. Thirdly, the people you are going to meet are awesome. I had dinner with the song writer who wrote “Watching Airplanes” (Ben the PC guy’s favorite song) and other country music hits. Have you heard “Felt Good on My lips?” Oh, and the creator of South Park was just a few tables over. Finally, you need to bring a luxury PC (there is Wi-Fi throughout camp) that not only looks good but has superior functionality and form. In this case, I chose the Samsung 900x.


Why this one? It’s great for durability as it’s made out of the same material as airplanes (duralumium for the geeky out there). It’s great for looks as its sleek, sexy and midnight black and it’s a perfect weight. While I didn’t throw it in the saddle bags during out cattle drive, I did take it with me on a bike ride to a river beach. I swam in the river (while, no joke, connected to Wi-Fi), wrote a few notes up, edited the photos from the cattle drive in Windows Live Movie Maker and sent a few wayward tweets to those who were missing out on the glamping. Not to brag, but this PC was the icing on the cake of a really epic weekend.


Have you been glamping? Share your thoughts below or just share which PC you would have chosen to accompany you in the comments below or tweet me @kristinalibby.

*Windows Champions are a group of influential bloggers who are loaned a PC for one year while exploring Microsoft products.