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August 24, 2011

Inside the Indestructible World of Rugged PCs

Most PCs are built to last. They can take the occasional bump and bruise, a bit of water spilled across the keyboard, and some jostling in a backpack. But what if you need something sturdier? Something that can be dropped, soaked, or dragged through the mud?

Then you need a ruggedized PC. These things are built to work in the nastiest & toughest conditions and they’re often used by the military, law enforcement, and professionals in a wide variety of tough fields like construction and heavy industry.

To show you exactly how tough these PCs are, Lee Sabow and I shot a video where we put some of our favorite business-rugged and fully-rugged PCs to the test. Check it out:

Pretty impressive, right? Rugged PCs are a great choice if you’re hard on your gear. For reference, these are the PCs we beat up in today’s video:

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