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September 30, 2011

Your PC and Football

If you know me even a little tiny bit, you’ll know I’m a big New England Patriots fan. I like to spend Sunday afternoons sprawled out on my couch watching Tom Brady and the boys give it everything they have. I’ve been doing this weekly since before the days of Drew Bledsoe. I can’t help it. I love football.

Given that we are in week four of the season, I wanted to talk about Football and your PC. Wait, you are thinking, who uses a laptop while watching football? Aha, I say back, those who love fantasy football. That’s right – the legions of fantasy football fans watch the Sunday games with their PCs at the ready.

I prefer the slick little Dell Vostro V131 because it’s red – one of the Pats colors- and its lightweight, perfect for sticking into my purse when I watch the game at friend’s house. Oh, and it’s just sassy enough for me to have a little bit of edge when talking smack about the Dallas Cowboys, the Indiana Colts or any of those other teams that aren’t the Patriots.


Not to mention I keep it in a really awesome laptop sleeve with the Pats symbol on the front. You can find laptop sleeves with your favorite football team from Bing Shopping for your PC.


You can find a whole slew of cases for your teams here: or you can just admit that you love the Pats too and buy the same one as me. 😉


Or if college football is your thing, check these out and buy them here:


What’s your fantasy team? What PC do you use and what kind of super fan bag do you own? Share in the comments below or @kristinalibby on Twitter.