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October 5, 2011

10 Ways You Know Your Child Will Grow Up to Be a Microsoft Employee

As many of you know, I’m pretty new to Microsoft but I love finding those who have been here for much longer and listening to their jokes and stories. There is a cool culture that surrounds living and working in the Pacific Northwest with smart, driven and talented individuals. It sort of makes you wonder how one gets here.

It was this last question that @windows and I started chatting about a few months ago. The following is  our informative, super serious and deeply researched list of how you know your child will grow up to be a Microsoft Windows Employee. It was deeply impacted by the more than brilliant contributions of @brandonleblanc and @benthepcguy. Enjoy it, share it and most of we hope you add to it.

10 ways you know your child will grow up to be a Microsoft Employee:

1. They prefer to

2. They dress their Xbox avatars better than they dress themselves in real life.

3. They make PowerPoint presentations to show their friends their new toys.

4. As a baby, they prefer a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse over their bottle. (It’s bendy!)

5. They like Internet Explorer over Dora the Explorer.

6. Play dates take place via Messenger video chat on their PC.

7. You have to put the Windows Start sound on repeat to put them to sleep.

8. They walk around the house shouting “Developers! Developers! Developers!”

9. They Bing their math homework instead of using a calculator.

10. They changed your Windows 7 theme to Justin Bieber.