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October 21, 2011

Autumnal Photosharing With SkyDrive

Halloween is just a few days away and here at work, Halloween is a big deal. I found out that a colleague of mine has his own set of pumpkin carving tools and a smoke machine. His dedication inspired Brandon LeBlanc and I to engage in a fun little competition. I challenged him to a pumpkin carving tournament: 30 minutes, 1 pumpkin, the Windows logo. (Spoiler alert: Brandon failed miserably). Our challenge was to create the best carving of the Windows logo in a pumpkin. I’ve uploaded them to SkyDrive for you to see:

View album View album View album View album View album
View album View album View album View album View album
View album View album View album View album View album

If you didn’t know, SkyDrive is a great service that lets you share and store photos and other files in an easy, user-friendly way. Hotmail users can upload photos directly to SkyDrive when they compose a new email so that they don’t have to deal with things like attachment limits. For those of you not using Hotmail, you can create a SkyDrive album on, get a link to the album, and send that off. Your friends will get beautiful slide shows without overstuffed inboxes.

If you’re a blogger and want to insert a SkyDrive photo album into one of your posts, you can do that really easily with Windows Live Writer. Just click Insert > Photo Album > Create Photo Album to start uploading. They’ll appear in your post exactly like the album you see above. It’s a simple, beautiful way to share your beautiful or not (so) beautiful images.

You be the judge – who do you think carved a better Windows logo? Notice Brandon’s first attempt is that square hole in the pumpkin. Just for giggles, I’ve included it below.

We would love to see your best attempt at carving the Windows logo into a pumpkin, so upload your pumpkins to SkyDrive, tweet me your photos, pumpkins, thoughts, ideas, and feelings @kristinalibby.