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October 24, 2011

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat: ASUS and Ultra-portables – #win7tech

Freedom is described as the state of being at liberty and free from constraints. For me freedom is the ability to leave my desk, to travel for days on end and to do so with the lightest bags, the least restrictions and always an attempt at elegance. It’s for this reason that the newest ASUS ultra-portable is a breath of fresh air. The ZENBOOK is a beautiful display of what happens when designers break free of industry constraints and look for simple, beautiful design harmony. With less than three pounds of weight and the capability to sleep for weeks at a time, it combines simple elegance with freedom to explore and experience life – wherever you may land.

ASUS will be joining us this week for a #win7tech Tech Tuesday chat to discuss what an ultra-portable is, their new line of ZENBOOKs and the best PCs for your computing needs. You’ll have a chance to learn about their products, their philosophies and what’s hot this holiday season. Plus, one lucky winner will win an ASUS U36JC (valued at $999) to take home by answering Q1-Q4 from the @windows handle.

To participate:

  1. Join us from 12-1 PT (3-4 ET) on Twitter
  2. Follow the hashtag #win7tech
  3. Follow @windows, @asus, @kristinalibby, @brandonleblanc, @benthepcguy, @daniellaycock, and @windowsblog to make sure you get the whole picture.
  4. Answer Q1 –Q4 for 1 chance to win an ASUS U36JC

For full T&Cs, read here.

Note we will only be talking about the outlined topic each week and we will not be answering questions outside those topics. Questions for this week may include: What is an ultra-portable? Where can I purchase a ZENBOOK? What’s the best PC from ASUS for students? How much battery life does the ASUS have?