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October 25, 2011

Then and Now: What 10 Years with XP Looks Like

Let’s talk about our past. In particular, let’s talk about 10 years in the past. Ten years ago, Destiny’s Child was all the rage, Tom Brady’s wife was at the top of her modeling career, flip phones were the cool gadget and I wore a high ponytail every single day. Now, Beyoncé is having a baby, Giselle is now a football wife, flip phones are impossible to find and (okay fine) I still wear a high pony but only when I have on running shoes. We are talking about the changes in the past few years because Windows XP just turned 10 years old. While turning 10 is often lauded, in the tech industry it means you’re falling behind. 10 years is a long time to have the same old technology.

Think about phones – would you even carry a flip phone now? Think about music – would you still claim that Destiny’s Child is your top favorite band (if you or your wayward self ever did)? Think about hair – are you still rocking the same cut? Why then are you still on Windows XP when Windows 7 is so much better? Now you can use Snap to compare open windows, you can edit movies in a few simple steps, pin your favorite websites to your taskbar with Internet Explorer 9, effortlessly create screen “snips” and more!

Check out this infographic to find out more:


Our Windows Champions are joining the crusade to reflecting on their then and now. What we are learning is that a lot of people have seen a lot of changes in 10 years! Check out their photos, articles and more by clicking on the following links. Carrie, of Carrie with Children, just had a high school reunion and discusses what’s happened between then and now. Meanwhile, Glenn of Driven Forward shares his photos. 

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And, last but not least I included my own below. Enjoy!

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