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October 30, 2011

Photo gallery: Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 800

When I was unboxing my Lumia 800, I found that the packaging is almost as beautiful as the phone itself; Nokia did a great job of creating a stylish, minimalist box that is an excellent complement to the Lumia 800’s clean lines.  Check it out:



The Lumia 800 box is small & straightforward. No wasted space or excess material.


The box lid easily slides off.  You get right to the phone, no digging through layers of packaging.


Documentation is neatly organized in a closable envelope


The Lumia 800 comes with a protective silicone sleeve.


Underneath the sleeve and documentation envelope is a set of headphones, a micro USB cable, and a charger.  As you can see my Lumia 800 has a European plug so I’ve been using a charger from another Windows Phone with a US plug.  I’ve had no problems charging.


The Lumia 800, alive and (almost) ready for action!


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