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November 2, 2011

Now in Marketplace: Kinectimals and Orbital

Two great new Xbox Live games for Windows Phone have hit the Marketplace and are ready to download:



Here kitty, kitty. The hit Xbox 360 game, Kinectimals ($2.99), lets you play with, feed and pet your very own Kinectimal cub. There are a variety of toys and activities to play different games with your cub. Touch the screen to pet your cub behind the ears and make him purr and flick the ball on the screen to throw. Teach your cub tricks like jumping rope or running an agility course. As you continue to play, the bond between you and your cub grows the more you do and interact with your favorite cub. Plus, embed, pose and animate your favorite cub in pictures you take on your phone. If you’ve already experienced Kinectimals on Kinect for Xbox 360, your Windows Phone becomes the key to unlocking 5 new cubs on your console.

For more, take a look at Ben the PC Guy’s first look at Kinectimals from Nokia World.

Download Kinectimals




Orbital ($2.99) is an addicting puzzle game featuring three game modes. Try to destroy as many orbs in Pure mode, or get your orbs distracted by a gravitation field around them in Gravity mode. The Supernova mode will allow you to perform awesome combos when your orbs damage the surrounding ones with a shock wave as they burst into space. The longer you survive the higher your ranking on the leader board.

Download Orbital