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December 9, 2011

Check out this prototype Arc Touch Mouse!

Courtesy of my friends at Microsoft Hardware, I was able to get my hands on a never-before-seen prototype Arc Touch Mouse to show you.

Unreleased Mouse 2011-12-06 003

This prototype Arc Touch Mouse is made with a clear plastic at the front (where the Touch strip and buttons are) where you can see all the electronics inside that power this mouse. That’s right – you can see the insides of the mouse!

For the “bendy” part of the mouse, it too is also clear using a clear rubber material. It feels just like the same material that’s on the released version of the Arc Touch Mouse but just clear. On the “bendy” section of the mouse grease is used to aid in the “bendy-ness”. Because this special Arc Touch Mouse is clear, it shows a dark/black “smudge” if you look close (I barely see it on mine!).

Unreleased Mouse 2011-12-06 006

Again, this is a special prototype Arc Touch Mouse that was never released and used for internal purposes. Only a limited number was ever produced.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the Arc Touch Mouse is my favorite mouse to use when I’m out-and-about and on the road because I can bend it flat and easily store it. Plus, with BlueTrack Technology, I don’t need to use a mouse pad. And I love the haptic feedback I get when using the Touch strip.