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December 12, 2011

Holiday How-To: Decorating with Windows, A Holiday Movie

There are lots of great crafty things you can do this holiday season with your Windows PC. One of my favorite things to think about when getting in the holiday spirit is decorating. Whether you have a little studio or a sprawling estate, you probably think about getting your place spruced up for the season. I always buy a Christmas tree and force people to come over for a decorating party. However, this season I started to think about fun things I could do that used a bit more technology.

I love throwing holiday parties and I love even more to personalize things. A fun idea this holiday season is to take pictures of your guests as they walk into the party. Even better to have them make video. You can then create a simple movie in Movie Maker, connect your PC to your TV and then have a fun holiday movie with your friends. Even better—keep adding photos all night!

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Take a photo or video clip of guests entering your party. Have them pose in a funny way or share a warm holiday wish.
  2. Connect your camera or video camera to your PC
  3. Import your photos into Windows Live Movie Maker by clicking the “add videos and photos button.”
  4. clip_image001
  5. Then arrange videos and photos by dragging and dropping the clips. You’ll want to have a mix of photos and videos.
  6. Select an Automovie theme that you like the most
  7. clip_image002:
  8. 6You can add music in one click
  9.  clip_image003
  10. Now, add a title or captions and you are good to go! Remember you can easily change font size, background and color too!
  11. clip_image004
  12. Click on “Save Movie” and save to your computer.
  13. clip_image005
  14. Then connect your PC to your TV and you can project for friends and families amusement or enjoyment!

Let me know how it goes and if you create a great video, you can share it out to friends and family via Skydrive! Or just share it with me.