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December 13, 2011

Now in Marketplace: SkyDrive and Lync 2010

Two handy and much-anticipated new Microsoft apps for Windows Phone were headed to Marketplace this week. Here’s a peek:


SkyDrive, Microsoft’s free cloud storage service, is already tightly woven into the Office and Pictures Hubs. So you might be asking yourself: Why a separate app? As the video walkthrough below explains, the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone was designed to complement the built-in features and appeal especially to people who use SkyDrive heavily. The app provides extra sharing, housekeeping, and browsing options. Check out the video, or this post published today by our friends on the Inside Windows Live blog, for the details.

Download SkyDrive

Lync 2010

Windows Phone isn’t all fun and games—just witness the number of business-oriented apps sprouting up in Marketplace. The latest is Lync 2010.

Lync, in case you’re not familiar, is Microsoft’s handy communication software for businesses that makes it easier for worker bees like me to talk, IM, hold virtual meetings, and share stuff with my coworkers. If you use Lync 2010 at work, the new app for Windows Phone offers a number of useful features: It lets you see which of your colleagues are working and which are slacking busy in real time. It also makes it easier to contact them, connect to Lync conference calls, and use your Enterprise Voice number. One important caveat before you download: Your company needs to have its computer network set up properly for the app to work. Not sure? Ask your IT department.

Download Lync 2010

The Lync 2010 app for Windows Phone

The Lync 2010 app for Windows Phone