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December 15, 2011

Windows 7 themes: ice and globes

This week’s new themes are brought to you by the concepts of cold and round, and the numeral 4.

In the cold category, we have Ice Water and Party Ice, which both star the protean element of water in one of its most beautiful forms.


Colored lights shining and reflecting through the irregular facets of transparent ice cubes make these photographs look almost like abstract jewels.


In the round category, we have Bubbles and Marbles… ephemeral floating marbles of air; heavy solid bubbles of glass.


These bubbles will never pop and vanish!


I hope these four new themes celebrating the lovely translucency of glass, water, ice, and soap bubbles bring fun and fancy to your desktop for December. In the weeks to come we’ll have even more new desktop décor, so keep visiting the Windows Personalization gallery for new Windows 7 themes and wallpapers.