January 10, 2012 11:12 am

30 years of Microsoft Hardware awesomeness

By / Senior Program Manager, Windows Insider Program

This year at CES 2012, Microsoft Hardware celebrates 30th year in the business of making awesome hardware for the PC. In 1982, the Microsoft Hardware Group was officially formed tasked with creating the company’s first mouse – to be compatible with Microsoft Word. Microsoft Hardware helped pave the way the hardware industry designs products that helped improve the way people interact with their PCs. For 30 years, Microsoft Hardware has committed to developing products that offer comfort, design, control and a better interactive experience for customers. And of course there’s no sign of that changing moving forward!


A great example of products that help improve the way people interact with their PCs is Microsoft Hardware’s portfolio of Touch Mice – the Arc Touch Mouse, the Touch Mouse, and Explorer Touch Mouse.

SONY DSC                        SONY DSC

At CES this week – Microsoft Hardware is introducing 2 new limited edition Arc Touch Mice in colors that have never before been seen in the United States: Sangria Red and Cement Gray. The rubber end (the bendy part) of these new colored Arc Touch Mice also feature new textures.

The Arc Touch Mouse is my most favorite mouse ever and I’ve made it a point to collect all the editions of Arc Touch Mice released by Microsoft Hardware. Here’s my collection today – including the new mice mentioned above:


From left to right: prototype Arc Touch Mouse, Black Arc Touch Mouse, Grey Arc Touch Mouse, Year of the Dragon Arc Touch Mouse, Cement Gray Arc Touch Mouse, and Sangria Red Arc Touch Mouse.

Note: Click here to read my blog post about the prototype Arc Touch Mouse.

Inspired by their family of Touch Mice, in November Microsoft Hardware launched The Art of Touch. The Art of Touch is a website where you can go and digitally create art work, share that art work, and have your art work voted on to win prizes! You can visit The Art of Touch website today and start creating your own digital masterpiece. Or, if you’re at CES you can visit the Microsoft booth and do it there. They are also doing a giveaway from the showroom floor for an Arc Touch Mouse!


Also back in November to help celebrate the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dragon – Microsoft Hardware released limited edition Year of the Dragon mice.

One more picture for good measure…