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February 20, 2012

Best Buy Has a Hot New Offer

Have you ever had to switch data from an old to a new PC? It’s time consuming, often frustrating and can take all the fun out of having a brand new PC to play with. Luckily I have a smart friend who switches my files for me. If you aren’t graced with a bona-fide tech genius in your midst, you’re in luck. You have Best Buy and the Geek Squad.

For the month of February, Best Buy is offering free data transfer with the purchase of any laptop from the exclusive Microsoft Premium Collection. This pretty much means that you can buy a brand new PC hassle-free. So put down that manual, put away your thumb drive and just let the Geek Squad Agents lend you a hand. Plus, you’ll save yourself $99.99 by doing it with this offer.

Check out Best Buy’s Buy a Laptop or Ultrabook, Transfer Your Data for Free at Best Buy Through Feb. 29 news release for details.