February 28, 2012 12:21 pm

First look: An updated GroupMe app arrives in Marketplace

If you’re a fan of messaging apps, take a look at the updated GroupMe for Windows Phone 7.5, which just hit the Marketplace today. GroupMe is a free group messaging service that lets you stay in touch with people through group texting and more. Download it here.

The refreshed app—version 3.0—now allows you to message multiple friends or contacts at once and share photos across a group of people. It also includes new features that are only available on Windows Phone, such as the ability to pin GroupMe groups to your Start Screen, Live Tile notifications, automatic syncing with your Windows Phone address book and multitasking. These group tiles give users easy access to a specific group, and group tile notifications are specific to that group.

GroupMe 3.0 is now in MarketplaceGroupMe 3.0 is now in Marketplace

How it Works

There are three main ways to initiate a group conversation:

  • Start a group: It could be family, co-workers, roommates, or anybody else important in your contacts list. Then send them a message.

GroupMe 3.0 is now in MarketplaceGroupMe 3.0 is now in Marketplace

  • Join a featured group: Create your own private fan club with your friends and receive inside scoops and special promotions from MTV’s Jersey Shore, Coachella and more.

GroupMe 3.0 is now in Marketplace

  • Direct messages: Send a private message to anybody with the GroupMe app.

GroupMe 3.0 is now in Marketplace

The real value, use and enjoyment of any social network is directly related to the number of people someone knows who are using it. So, what if your contacts don’t have a Windows Phone? No worries. GroupMe works on any phone that can send text messages.

Do you use group messaging to stay in touch with the important people in your life? Tell us how in comments or let us know what you think.

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