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March 13, 2012

Windows themes: the end of the rainbow

According to legend, anyone lucky enough to find the end of the rainbow might discover a leprechaun’s hoard of hidden gold. Although we can’t guarantee a pot of gold, you can bring the fleeting magic of rainbows to your Windows desktop; the ephemeral colors in our new theme arc over landscapes from Iceland to Hawaii, and are even captured in the mist over rocky waterfalls, or as seen from an airplane soaring above the clouds.


Speaking of leprechauns, last year I published the Ireland theme in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, and although it isn’t new it’s still a great theme. Give it a try – personally I think it’s much better than green beer.


Our other newest theme is a silent sonata of Moonlight, as seen in skies from Scotland to Japan.


The other themes we’ve published recently feature the works of three photographers participating in the open call. The first one, from photographer Ian R. D. Johnson, celebrates the sunlit beauty of rural landscapes in South Australia.


Australia is also the subject of this theme from photographer Anton Gorlin, with a focus on shorelines, waterways, and sand dunes in New South Wales and Tasmania.


Last but definitely not least is Dreamgarden, showcasing the mysteriously impressionistic works of Russian photographer Christina Manchenko. I have seen a lot of incredible photography during the years I’ve worked on the Personalization Gallery, and a lot of excellent photographers have submitted images to the open call, but in my opinion this theme is really something special. It’s my new personal favorite, and is on my PCs both at work and at home. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


Since the Windows 8 Consumer Preview recently released, I just want to remind everyone that all of our Windows 7 themes also work in Windows 8.

On the other hand, if you have an older version of Windows, you can always use one of our wallpapers. We’ve published many new ones over the past several weeks, including these:


 clip_image042 clip_image043 clip_image044


 clip_image046 clip_image047 clip_image048

That wraps up the recent additions to the gallery, but we’ll have a lot more in upcoming weeks… so keep on visiting the Windows Personalization Gallery for new Windows 7 themes and wallpapers.