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March 29, 2012

Finding the right PC or Windows 7 edition

Need help finding what Windows 7 edition is right for you or choosing your next PC? Not to worry – we have new tools to help you out on!


First off, you’ll notice that the most excellent PC video we showed off at CES is showcased front-and-center of the page. If you haven’t watched the video already – you should. Secondly, you’ll notice the two choices under the video: one for choosing which edition of Windows 7 is right for you and another for choosing the right PC.

If you click on choosing which Windows 7 edition is right for you, you are asked to answer a series of questions that will help determine a recommendation on which edition you should get.



Based on how I personally answered the questions – it recommended Windows 7 Professional to me. And that’s what I run at home!

Most people, however, will just purchase a new PC with Windows 7 already on it. That’s where the next option comes in for helping you find the right PC!


To receive a list of recommended PCs that are right for you, you must answer a series of questions based on who the PC is for, portability, activity, price point, and how important appearance is.


After you answer these questions, you are giving a list of recommended PCs to choose from! Ironically, it recommended a PC I’ve already been using for the last few months – the ASUS ZENBOOK UX21. Yeah, it’s that good!

You can navigate between your results and specs for each PC and then ultimately decide on a PC you want. Links to different retailers are provided for you to easily make your PC purchase!

Hopefully these two new tools will prove helpful. If you’re not in the market for a new PC, definitely pass the link on to a friend or family member looking for a new PC!