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April 2, 2012

Windows themes: colored eggs, yellow fluff, and new games

Spring is here! How do I know? Well, reason #1 is that last weekend brought some of the first sunny weather the greater Seattle area has seen in what seems like months, and I was able to dig weeds out of the rock garden without wearing a jacket. And second, because daffodils and crocuses are blooming everywhere. And thirdly because of Easter bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and decorated eggs; they’re a sure sign. So we’ve gathered a collection of pretty colored eggs to help bring a breath of spring to your Windows desktop.


After egg-shaped treats, sunshine, and birdsong, one of the other best aspects of spring is baby animals. Seriously – can anyone resist the cuteness of these fuzzy baby ducks? If you don’t want everyone who catches a glimpse of your desktop going “aawww!” you probably shouldn’t download it.


It isn’t new, but our Bunnies theme is just as adorable now as when we first published it.


If you have an older version of Windows or prefer to just use a single desktop image instead of a theme, here are some wallpapers you might like:


clip_image005 clip_image006


clip_image008 clip_image009

In other springtime news, Kinect Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure just released, letting gamers use the power of Kinect to enter the worlds of Pixar. You can bring some of the fun of this new Xbox release to your Windows 7 desktop, too, with our new Kinect Rush theme.


We also have a new theme celebrating Kinect: Disneyland Adventures.


And finally, for a new-game-theme trifecta, we recently created a theme featuring some of the stunning aerial views from Microsoft Flight: Hawaiian Adventure, as well as some music and sound-effects from the game. The new-email sound is my favorite.


That wraps up my update on the newest Windows themes, but as usual lots more is on the way, so keep on visiting the Windows Personalization Gallery for new Windows 7 themes and wallpapers.