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April 3, 2012

Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson wins VentureBeat award

Terry Myerson, Microsoft corporate vice president, oversees  the company's Windows Phone division.

We usually prefer to keep the spotlight on our phone here.But today we’re making a small exception. The reason: we just learned that Terry Myerson, our commander in chief, snagged VentureBeat’s inaugural Top Mobile Mover award—and we’re all pretty excited for him.

One of the country’s top business blogs, VentureBeat announced the award a few hours ago in Sausalito, Calif., where nearly 200 mobile industry execs are gathered for its annual Mobile Summit.

Windows Phone, writes VB executive editor Dylan Tweney, is “an attractive, responsive operating system that’s getting a lot of notice. You can count on it to make big waves in the mobile market this year. That’s why we’ve named Myerson our Top Mobile Mover for 2012.”

You can read the rest—and more about Terry—here.