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April 16, 2012

Now in Marketplace: An updated Bing Translator app

Nothing takes the fun out of a foreign vacation faster than an afternoon spent deciphering street signs or pointing randomly at menus (mmm, mystery dinner!).

No more. Just in time for the summer travel season, a new version of Bing’s Translator app for Windows Phone landed in Marketplace today. Download it.

Now you can point your phone camera at printed text—street sign, dinner menu, train schedule, newspaper headline—and the app will translate it. If I wanted to ask a stranger for directions to the Eiffel Tower, I could also just speak into the phone in English—and wait a moment for the French. Bing’s Search blog has the full story, plus a video tour of the app. Take a look.

Point your phone camera at printed text for a quick translation.

Speak into the phone...and the Translator app will speak back in the language of your choice.